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Look At The Picture Above – this has a very unique place at Christmas time. Now unlike seeing the turkey come through to the dining room while sat at your Retro Dining Set or when you engage in the destruction of wrapping paper, this has a unique place because of its infamy in the Christmas realm.

Yes the Brussel sprout. Whether it’s seeing them on a cooking show that you are watching on your Loft TV Unit or even smelling them boiling away or them somehow ending up on your plate as a child, despite your protests of displeasure at being offered them in the first place.

I know this topic is really cliché as it seems like every year there is someone like me ranting on about this food stuff and every year someone’s defending them like their life depends on it calling them mini cabbages and saying it is just like marmite.

However at least marmite is a matter of choice – sprout are more often than not a mandatory matter. In fact I believe that this is the reason that each generation up to mine ended up loving this horrid vegetable, because their parents were forced to eat them to the point that they ended up liking them in order to avoid losing their sanity at constantly being forced to eat them.

Think about it who under the age of 30 actually says they like them – no one, this is because this era became defiant of tradition and as such just did not earth them no matter how many have been put on the plate.

And it’s a good thing as when you sit down at your Vintage Dining Set you can now enjoy all of the other trimming that come with a Christmas dinner as well as having room to spare for the Christmas pudding – just make sure that you don’t eat the 50 pence piece.

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