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Old VS New


Old vs New

The everlasting debate thought humanity’s history is a simple one – abandoning the old ways and embracing the new. This is a complex topic as there are times thought history as sometimes moving forward can seem like taking 20 steps back.

I myself am in this very situation in a way. In my situation music is the topic as I am currently in limbo as to both past and present – I dislike the digital music scene and stick with CD’s however I transfer these CD’s to an MP3 format so I can listen to them when I’m out and about.

The thing is I recently acquired a Retro Sideboard and I’ve always wanted a vinyl record player which would be a lot cooler but less practical and fit very well with the theme of the unit.

This can be related to Retro Furniture in a way, yes it is more desirable as a 1960’s inspired coffee table will always turn heads, however the practical matters of one affording a bespoke piece of furniture from the period but also taking care of it would be much more difficult.

Now like the vinyl example they did adapt a more portable way of listening to music first with cassettes and then with CD’s and finally digital downloads, however these lack the Je-ne-sais-quoi
Of the original.

The thing with furniture though is that it is possible to recreate the essence of designs of the past, just look at the Retro TV Unit which perfectly captures the look and feel of the swinging 60’s in a furniture with modern applications.

The bonus being that this furniture is one a lot more affordable than original examples of period furniture but also easier to take care of and acquire.

So as my debate carries on as I think of filling my Retro Bookcase with old records at least with furniture there is a compromise that satisfies both the old and the new.

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