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Collectibles – Storage or Show


Collectables - For Storage Or Show

Well good morning Retro Furniture readers, today is wet, cold, and very bloggable. However to write about the weather is something that I feel is a little bland and let’s be honest is not really relatable to any of our retro inspired Solid Mango wood collection.

However yesterday when looking at one of our Retro Sideboards being taken away it got me thinking, this is probably going to be sat in this customer’s living room where its Solid Mango frame will certainly stand out.

However it also got me thinking what it would be used for, perhaps this customer has a collection of vintage car models, or a collection of old comics that he wants to keep dry and in good condition.

This is where the debate of this particular Retro article, because when collectors acquire such things, what would the thought process be.

Now I personally collect vintage games consoles, and for me this must be displayed with pride within the Retro TV Cabinet. After all what is the point of going through the effort of finding and then acquiring said item for it to unused and not on display.

However for many the investment is such that they feel that these items need to be protected and this as such means being stored away in a Retro Sideboard only brought out once in a flood.

So this leads to the debate – should collectables be proudly displayed or should they be stored away for prosperity purposes.

To be honest this is more about context than anything as if for instance you collected vintage figurines then there is no excuse why these could not be put on display within a Retro Bookcase with pride, showing your love and dedication to your hobby.

However for those who collect vintage comic books for instance, in this scenario a Retro Sideboard or other such means of Solid Wood Storage as these items are very fragile and it would not be wide to leave them in the open.

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