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A Bit …..Vanilla


A Bit .....Vanilla

Vanilla flavoured Ice cream – the ice cream of choice for some, it’s almost as though some will stand by it no matter what. However even though it tastes alright and is generally enjoyable it feels a little safe and non-confrontational as though it’s trying not to offend your taste buds.

The same could be said for furniture in people’s homes at times, you see people with the same old bookcases and sideboards adorning their living rooms and study’s and it seems as though they are just trying to blend into the crowd and not draw attention or trying to impress – keeping everyone happy just like vanilla.

However for those who are stuck in this rut or who just love to be mint chip we finally have a cost effective solution for you – Retro Furniture.

Retro Furniture you see takes the everyday furniture items that have come a bit predictable and safe and puts a Retro twist on them based upon 1950’s and 1960’s designs and tastes.

There is nothing safe about having a Retro TV Unit being the centrepiece of your living room, family and friends will surely be looking in that direction as it is a very eye catching piece of furniture setting the tone for what you are trying to achieve in your home.

And it really is the entire home as the range would work very well in many other rooms, looking to liven up the bedroom perhaps then maybe a Retro Chest of Drawers would be the way to go or perhaps a Retro Mirror to have a reflection of the past.

The range would even be useful in the study with a Retro Sideboard for that bit of extra storage for stationary and accessories and a Retro Hi-Fi Unit for your CD player which is great for relaxing when you’re hard at work.

So break the mould and don’t be Vanilla be creative and adventurous with Retro Furniture.

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