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A Future Classic


A Future Classic

Whenever we buy something as it is released there is always the potential for it to become a future classic – by that I mean that an item that is held in such high regard that both its notoriety and the demand for this product becomes such that it enters classic status and thus will normally sell at a premium rate. Now this can affect any industry from the car industry to DVD’s and games – one personal example I can recall is a particular game I bought in my youth for around £15 fast forward 13 years and the same game is now worth £40 plus as it has reached classic status and therefore copies of it are hard to find and people do not what to give their copy away for nothing.

And this brings us to another industry – furniture. This is an industry that is filled with classic items spanning centuries which are as the example I gave above held in such high esteem that the price you would pay is premium to put it lightly.

One way to avoid this would be to purchase furniture that could potentially reach that classic status before it is recognised as such – Retro Furniture for example.

The design and versatility of this range has already set it up to become a future classic as you can find a wide variety of items for multiple rooms such as the Vintage Retro Coffee Table and the Retro Bookcase. Due to its current availability at present and its unique design that pays homage to designs of the past rather than imitating them, this range would surely become regarded as a classic in the future.

So why bring this up now, well if you get something that will become a classic before it is a classic you will have a step up on the competition and have a truly unique look in your home – without the premium price.

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