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Ahead Of The Curve


Ahead Of The Curve

Now this blog may seem a little bit of hypocrisy – after all this site is all about Retro Furniture so what does this have to do with being ahead of the curve.

Well let’s look at our definition of what Retro Furniture represents. Now the designs that you see on this site look like they were made in the late 60’s and 70’s. However this collection of furniture was actually manufactured a few months ago, because of this we see this as being ahead of the curve when it comes to a recent trend in the world of interior design.

Furniture from this era is becoming ever more desirable by the day as examples are becoming harder and harder to come by and as such the price of such items are quite astronomical. This is not to mention that these pieces of furniture are over 50 years old and many of the methods that were used in their construction are almost lost to the wind – therefore finding a specialist would be even harder and just as expensive.

This is where we feel we have grasped at a real opportunity here with our collection, as after all the advantages of our Retro Furniture collection are undeniable. First of all let’s take a look at the Retro TV Unit, what advantages does this have over a 1960’s original. Well for one it is manufactured though modern methods as well as better materials with our range being made from Indian Mango Wood which makes the unit much more durable and if it does have problems cheaper to repair.

This leads to the biggest advantage – the value for money you receive with our Retro Furniture, aside from it being well priced compared to original examples there is also a wide catalogue for you to select from the 60’s inspired Retro and Retro Chic to the 1950’s inspired Vintage Furniture range.

So why don’t you be ahead of the curve and get your Retro groove on before it becomes the norm.

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