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Albums Still Rock


albums still rock

In today’s word music is so easy to access from streaming services like Spotify to digital download sites like iTunes and google play or even just loading up YouTube and selecting a playlist music is so easily accessible.

However at some point the industry moved away from album sales and put their focus on singles instead which is actually quite sad in a way as albums are still the best way of hearing an artist’s material (other than seeing them live).

Now I know you can download albums of digital download sites however what is a better representation for your passion for music than opening up your Retro Display Cabinet and seeing all of the albums you have collected over the years, it’s sort of an event in a way as you take out your CD or Vinyl disk and the music just seems that much more organic playing it on your CD player on the Retro HiFi unit.

Anyway so why are albums better, well a lot of artists best work are from album tracks as opposed to singles I mean I’ll never forget the time I was watching Oasis as a kid (my favourite band ever) on our Retro TV Cabinet …. It was 1995 after all and they played ‘slide away’ and I remember thinking why haven’t I heard this before, this was before the internet remember I couldn’t just google it like today. Anyway to cut a long story short, I got their album (2 actually) and it was there. So one of their best songs never got released as a single and if I had never got the album I would not have found out about it until years afterward.

Also albums offer a lot more bang for your buck as with singles it seems like you’re always wanting more …. Maybe that’s the idea but considering singles can be released a year before the album, it’s a long time to wait however with an album you get everything there and then, the full experience if you will.

And that is why albums will always top singles as the best way to listen to music.

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