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All I Want For Christmas


All I Want For Christmas

Its Christmas, well it will be in a week wont it – and considering that I won’t be in on Christmas day its time celebrate what has to be the most fun day of the year.

I guess because it is an ever evolving part of our lives, from being 1 years old and not knowing what the hell is going on, to being 8 years old and getting really hyper and kind of crazy about what you get after opening them on the Retro Chic Coffee Table, being 14 and being all brooding and moody about spending the day with your un cool family, being in your early 20’s and coming home to visit your parents on Christmas day, being in the middle of your life and getting excited about your own little ones Christmas experiences, and then in the twilight where you fall asleep with a Christmas hat on your head.

So as you can see Christmas is a very important part of our whole lives as it matters not our age as all we want for Christmas is to be with our family – however it is important to realise the impact that our furniture have on these memories. I mean do you not remember waking up to the lamp light on your Retro Bedside unit with your parents telling you Christmas morning. Having your special Christmas breakfast on your Vintage Dining Set and going into the living room to see the presents that are all laid out for your (mine were on the couch) and causing massive destruction to any wrapping paper that gets in your way.

I mean I remember setting up my Nintendo GameCube on my Loft TV Unit, that unit is now forever associated to the most fun thing I had during my teenage years, all those little things that you can associate with moments like that, this is all I want for Christmas –special moments that will become cherished memories.

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