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An extra day on a weekend?


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Good morning fellow readers, how was everyone’s weekend? For me it’s been an extremely long two days off, with DJing on the Saturday from 6pm all the way through the night to gardening the day after in my back garden. As you can tell, yet again it’s been another hectic week with no form of a break in a sight at all.

So I thought today’s blog we could debate about whether we should request a three day weekend rather than just the two.  Now, the reason behind this is usually from Saturday to Sunday I always find myself doing something around the house with no actual break in sight. However, if that extra day existed I feel that I’d be able to have at least one refreshing day to just relax.

Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to grab a book from your Retro Bookcase and just escape everything around you for a few hours? Complete heaven.

Sadly, not everyone has the opportunity to do that with so much happening throughout the weekend which is why I feel it would be an ideal idea to move forward on it. At the end of the day nothing really beats being able to just stay at home and enjoy the versatility of the Retro Furniture Units.

Despite the good side of having a longer day off, it would more than likely have an effect on the economy hugely as businesses will have to find a way to cope with their staff having another day off.  Now, I am not saying an extra day on a weekend will happen, but wouldn’t it be good if it did?

Well, that’s today’s blog coming to an end. See you tomorrow for the next daily blog here at Retro Furniture, enjoy the rest of your Monday!



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