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Area 51 Conspiracy


Area 51

Good Morning Readers, and welcome to the Retro Furniture Blog. This morning I am absolutely shattered, mostly by the fact that I had a nightmare last night and after that I couldn’t get back to sleep. You may call me weird but it wasn’t like a real scary nightmare, it just woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep as I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I turned on my lamp which is on the Light Retro Mango Bedside Table and stayed awake.

I was up all night thinking about the possibilities that aliens are real and that we can’t be the only living thing in the universe. It just completely confuses me how the universe is this old and that there is that many planets yet we still haven’t seen any form of life. Or have we? This is what kept me up most of the night, Area 51. What is that? It’s a government run operation in Nevada where people believe that they hide things and do secret tests that they are trying to hide from the general public. Personally I believe that they’re hiding things such as Aliens and super soldiers which the Americans are waiting to use once another war happens.

That’s probably just my sceptical mind hoping that they are hiding something interesting but most likely not. However it does make you think what could they be hiding and why are they hiding it. I think that somebody should try and sneak in and publish the things, but we all know that if they do then they would be arrested and maybe they could be shot if they are caught there as armed guards patrol

I really like thinking about these conspiracies as it makes your mind think what is actually going on that you don’t know about. I probably should stop thinking too in depth as it is only the morning still.

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