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At Least its Friday


At Least Its Friday

So that date is a little ominous isn’t it? Friday the 13th the day where our superstitions come to haunt us for at least one day – well that’s the theory right.

Let’s be honest have you ever had everything go wrong on this day, you know to the point where your life cannot function properly. The answer is no.

So this day has become something of a pseudo Halloween in a way because sitting in front of the Vintage TV Unit watching a horror movie making the popcorn fly all over the place and over your friends (who watches a horror movie by themselves) – I can think of one horror movie classic that would be particularity relevant.

Hey why not read a scary novel, if you’re like some people I know you would have an entire Retro Bookcase dedicated to horror novels and short stores. Some prefer to read with their cup of coffee kept on a Vintage Bookcase for some settle scares – or you could be really cheesy and get a torch and read in darkness increasing the sense of dread while looking very silly in the process.

Hey if you’re really the creative type you may find inspiration in this mythical date, why not sit down at your computer desk or grab a pen and paper from your Retro Drawers and begin to write – who knows this could lead to the beginnings novel perhaps or something as simple as this blog, any creative outlet is good for unleashing your unused potential.

Whatever you chose to do on this day which should be called Halloween 2.0 – it is sure to be a good time with either friends family or on your own with the wide array of activities that you can do which become extra spooky on a day like today.

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