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The House Of Nobles

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Well it’s that time of year again Mango Wood Furniture blog readers where the nominees and winners of the Nobel Prize are announced which in terms of life accomplishments is virtually unequalled. It’s quite inspiring really to read about the nominees sat beside my Retro Coffee Table and what their contributions to the development of human… Read more »

F1’s Greatest Race?

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So this week we see the return of Formula 1 as the series heads to Sepang in Malaysia to kick of the final rounds of the season and decide this year’s world drivers’ championship. However as frequent Indian Wood Furniture blog readers will know of my distaste for the sports state these days so for… Read more »

Save Yourself the Run Around

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Let’s be honest with ourselves here Retro Furniture blog readers – if there is something to do there is more often an easy way to do it and a much less easier way to do it. Now if your one of those people who (insert mocking voice) ‘must push themselves to the limit’ then you’re… Read more »

Green for Today

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Hello Retro Furniture blog readers and I know this is a bit late however this blog will be celebrating the return of one of the best bands in recent memory – Green Day. Now for those of you who grew up in the 90’s with CD Walkman’s, Gameboys and CRT TV’s placed neatly on your… Read more »

Retro or Vintage – what’s the difference?

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Here at Retro Furniture we specialise in Solid Indian Wood Furniture with a twist. All items that are a part of our collection are inspired by furniture designs and styles of days gone by – however we are often asked ‘what is the difference between the Retro and Vintage Retro product. Well this blog needs… Read more »

Be Here Again

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Greetings Retro Furniture blog readers – for today’s blog, we will be discussing a recent announcement from one of my favourite artists Oasis. Now do not worry this is not going to be some fanboy rant about how good they were – despite the fact that I have all of their albums quite neatly organised… Read more »

My 310th Blog

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Ladies and gentlemen today is a very special day here at Retro Furniture yes today is the day that I have reached my 310th blog – why you ask I am making such a big deal of this, well I forgot to do a milestone for blog number 300 so here we are. Now for… Read more »

Some Generations Get All The Fun

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Let’s not this consider a blog a sign of bitter jealously but more of admiration of what to me is the second best decade ever after the 90’s, yes the 1960’s. Now I’ll be honest with you the only reason that I placed it at number 2 is that I was not alive at the… Read more »

Ahead Of The Curve

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Now this blog may seem a little bit of hypocrisy – after all this site is all about Retro Furniture so what does this have to do with being ahead of the curve. Well let’s look at our definition of what Retro Furniture represents. Now the designs that you see on this site look like… Read more »

Going Back to the Old School

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Going Back to the Old School. A recent trend going on lately where we all seem to have a desire to go back in time and relive things the way they used to be – seriously whether it be music, movies, media and even though Retro Furniture, everyone seems to be wanting a piece of… Read more »

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