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back to basics

Advancement is inevitable, it’s the basis of our entire existence how we went from being just a single celled organism to the intelligent and dominant species we are today. This advancement has been though social advancement, political advancement, and technological advancement, this often comes though innovation or though necessity.

Now advancement is great for things like the internet, television and our general social and physical wellbeing are things that have benefited from our constant push to better our lives, however there are some areas where advancement is not so useful and often seems inferior to what came before, Vinyl being replaced by the CD and the CD will eventually be replaced with digital downloads and streaming each advancement being inferior to the last.

The reason for this topic is that this can also be applied to furniture as well as despite advancement in materials and the manufacturing process mass produced furniture often seems inferior to those one of a kind crafted products, so maybe it’s time we took a back to basics approach.

Now you can technically still get those one of a kind products however you have to be insanely rich and dedicated to be able to acquire these pieces in our 9 to 5 society. So how do you get the originality of those products without the astronomical price?

The answer is Retro Furniture as it offers the best of both worlds as it offers the originality and kitsch design but have the easy to maintain construction of modern designs. This a very versatile idea as retro furniture would be able to work in multiple rooms, wanting to spice up the living room well you could get a coffee table, sideboard or a variety of Retro TV Stands. Want to get the dining room looking fantastic well how about a dining set, sideboard or a Retro Wine Rack that would be great for dinner parties, even the bedroom or study can get the retro touch.

So for those lamenting the designs of old  and want to go back to basics don’t fear we got you covered.

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