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Be Here Again


Be Here Again

Greetings Retro Furniture blog readers – for today’s blog, we will be discussing a recent announcement from one of my favourite artists Oasis.

Now do not worry this is not going to be some fanboy rant about how good they were – despite the fact that I have all of their albums quite neatly organised inside my Retro Bookcase.

No this blog is more of a retrospective, you see everyone knows the two classic albums Definitely Maybe and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, however not many people remember their third album Be Here Now.

To put this album in context it was late 1996 and the band were riding on cloud 9 they had become the biggest band in the UK and had conquered America. So while riding a wave of public adoration and unhinged self-confidence they went back into the studio to record what was billed by the media as being their magnum opus.

However recording sessions did not go smoothly and when on a wave of unheralded self-confidence as well as other substances all meant that the album did not live up to expectations and is considered by many as a disappointment, some critics citing it as the album that halted the Britpop movement of the 90’s – even Noel Gallagher rarely refers to the album.

However like one of our Retro Coffee Tables the potential of the album has always been there. Let’s look at what is there to begin with. For one the songs are still classic Noel compositions lyrically at least which means the upbeat optimistic charm Oasis had in their prime is there. Another good note to look at is Liam’s Voice, arguably this is the last album that we had where he still had that trademark snarl that made him an icon of British music, still Remember watching him on my Retro TV Unit thinking ‘wow I wish I could to sing like that’ as he sang with his trademark vocal style and seemingly limitless power.

The ingredients were always there but the album did not come together mainly due to the utter chaos and frenzy that surrounded them wherever they went combined with other ‘activities’ during recording lead to an album that reflected said chaos that is not exactly easy on the ears despite the positive elements I highlighted earlier.

Than thankfully today while sat at my Retro Dining Table with laptop surfing the web I found out that this album is going to be released again completely remixed.

This means that all of the insane overdubs, overblown production and general bloat will be removed and what we will be left with is what the album should have originally sounded like.

Don’t believe me – well stop looking at our Retro Furniture and go onto YouTube and check out the remixed version of D’You Know What I Mean? That has been released and have a listen for yourself.

It may have taken 20 years but it finally seems oasis will redeem themselves and give us all the album we wanted back in 1997 – it’s time to Be Here Again.




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