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The Best Year of The 90’s


The Best Year of The 90's

Good Afternoon Retro Furniture fans, hope you are enjoying our ever expanding collection of Retro Mango Wood inspired pieces.

So while thinking of today’s blog, we were listening to absolute radio 90s, they were holding a competition to vote for the best year of the decade, and well given how I keep an old Gameboy in my Retro Coffee Table I figured that I’d need to get in on this action.

However as well as voting for my favourite year a blog would be needed to give you 90s child’s a chance to reflect on what is arguably the greatest decade ever.

So here are Retro Furniture’s pieces for best years of the 90s, not in ranked order.


1) 1991

Okay now I admit I’m being a little biased here, it’s not that 1991 was not an amazing year as I’m sure your Vintage Mango Sideboards are filled with keepsakes from this great year, no the main reason for its inclusion is that …. I was born in 91.

Joking aside however 1991 was a big year, first of all music was huge in 1991, just walk over to your Retro Bookcase and read off the number of great albums you will find in there. The biggest from my personal choices would be Nirvana’s Nevermind and Pearl Jam’s TEN being stand outs. It was a great year for movies as well with Terminator 2, Hook and of course the Disney classic Beauty and the Beat being released all in 1991.

An unheard fact however is that the internet was made commercially available for the first time pushing forward a technological hurricane that would proceed all through the decade.

2) 1994

Well as a gamer 1994 had to be here as it was the release of the PlayStation 1, a console that would revolutionise the gaming landscape, so much so that many still have it housed in their Retro Mango TV Units to this day. Of course let’s not forget that 1994 was the release of the Lion King as well as the classic sitcom Friends on our CRT TV’s, with music making the final contribution with Britpop taking off thanks to Oasis Definitely Maybe as well as punk coming back to life in the hands of Green Day’s Dookie album.

3) 1996

Well 1996 were the year the 90’s all came together proving it was the best year of the decade. For one music hit its apex with Oasis Wonderwall becoming a karaoke favourite for years to come along with 2 iconic gigs and The Fugees began killing us softly, with finally the world finding out what the Spice Girls were about to unleash.

Furthermore it was the release of the N64 which at the time was the most powerful games console around with film giving us the visual onslaught of Independence Day, launching a certain Will Smith’s career.

So those are our picks for best years of the 90s so what are yours- answers on a postcard please.

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