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Catch A Break


Catch a Break

In a world where we often think of money and responsibility we often forget that the point of earning money in the first place is to relax and have some fun with what we have worked so hard for.

So maybe it’s time that we all decided to catch a break, take a little breather and remind ourselves why we are all here, the question is what will you do when you eventually catch a break.

Well I guess an example could come from me first of all – when I get those days when I decide ‘right I’m not having any commitments or plans, I’m just having a day for me’ the first thing that comes to mind is getting my spot on the couch, grabbing a couple of movies and sitting in front of my Retro TV Unit watching some quality entertainment.

Of course that’s not always the way people want to relax and catch a break, some may find getting a cup of coffee popping it down on the retro coffee table and escaping into a good book or perhaps even getting an old vinyl record (yes they are still cool) out of the retro bookcase and dance the day way.

Of course for some of you being alone and in solitude is not very relaxing and you enjoy the company of others then you could always meet up for a day, perhaps dusting off your old N64 for some multiplayer madness, after all some Mario Kart being played on the Retro TV Cabinet is never  a bad thing ….. Unless you get owned by your friend on the last corner, yes this is something that can happen – frequently as it turns out.

Of course fun is not reserved for the home – why not head for your Retro Chest of Drawers, get yourself spruced up for a night out – I recommend an 80’s or 90’s themed bar for the most fun (who likes house or dubstep anyway).

So remember you work so hard, it’s about time that you see the rewards.

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