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F1’s Greatest Race?


F1’s Greatest Race?

So this week we see the return of Formula 1 as the series heads to Sepang in Malaysia to kick of the final rounds of the season and decide this year’s world drivers’ championship.

However as frequent Indian Wood Furniture blog readers will know of my distaste for the sports state these days so for this blog rather than whine along about the good old days I am going to share with you the story of one of the greatest races in Formula 1 history – the 1993 European Grand Prix.

So where to begin well for all you F1 trivia buffs out there you will know that this was the first F1 race that would be held at Donnington park and for you lucky people who were there to witness it in front of your Retro TV Unit witnessed yet another incredible performance from Ayrton Senna as he continued his remarkable 1993 campaign with what has to be one of his top 3 greatest races.

Starting 4th on a soggy English afternoon Senna was in the words of the legendary Murray Walker ‘crowded out and down to 5th position’ with it seeming like he would be out of contention for the win given F1’s reputation of not being able to pass cars easily.

Yet driving like a god among mere mortals Senna quickly went from 5th to 1st in a mere few corners leading the race before the end of first lap and going on to take an incredible victory that involved on and off again rain showers, multiple tire stops and for what would be the only time in the sports history the fastest race lap being set while driving down the pit lane.

I bet all of you who get the 1993 video review out of the Retro Bookcase simply relish seeing this race and for good reason as we got to see a driver, put another bow to his legacy in what would turn out to be his final full season of Formula 1 competition however bittersweet it may be.

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