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Friday Is Upon Us!


Friday Is Upon Us

Yes everyone Black Friday is nearly upon us, that retail rush that leads to borderline barbaric behaviour all to get a hold of the cheapest deals before Christmas.

Well this may be the way that it works in the US however let’s be honest the term ‘Black Friday’ has never really clicked with us here in the UK has it, perhaps when it was first announced it created something of a buzz however now we really don’t bother with it.

Perhaps it’s because we take things much more easier than those across the pond, preferring to go online with our laptops placed on a Retro Coffee Table and getting the Christmas shopping over in just a few clicks rather than beating someone with a stick for that limited edition Furby you want to buy.

So it seems that Black Friday is more of a pseudonym now for the traditional Christmas sales, after all the term is certainly marketable and benefits retailers more spreading the sale out rather than it being on a single day.

Of course we here at Retro Furniture will be having our own Black Friday event soon with many of our finest pieces of Solid Mango Wood Furniture being available at a discounted price for a limited time.

However the context of buying furniture is a little different to buying toys or games or other accessories as furniture is big and bulky, often being a onetime purchase lasting for multiple years, after all how many times are you going to replace a Retro Sideboard – possibly never if it doesn’t break due to the durability of Solid Wood Furniture.

This is why a Black Friday event is so tempting in the furniture realm as you can get a long lasting practical piece of furniture at a discount price – and the best thing is it doesn’t even need to be on a Friday.

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