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From The Outside


From the Outside

It’s not exactly the nicest feeling in the world is it, being from the outside looking in, which can be applied to many scenarios in life from relationships, to wanting to go to events and even the need to own a laser-disc player.

Even in the world of furniture there are moments when you feel like you are staring through a window looking at all of the beautiful pieces of Retro Furniture, which although are stunning and very striking to look at, they are also incredibly desirable and as such often inflated in price.

However thankfully there is a solution to this, Retro Mango Furniture. So what is the difference, why will these pieces stop you looking in from the outside?

Well these Retro Furniture pieces are inspired by designs from the past, with striking curves and swoops showcasing the theatrical tastes of the time.

However each of our designs is made from Solid Mango Wood are hand made into these retro inspired designs.

Now only will this allow you to furnish your home with stylish and distinctive Retro Mango pieces including the Retro TV Unit and Retro Bookcase, but also allows you greater design versatility thanks to the nature of these Retro Mango designs.

This is due to multiple designs that each have their own unique look and feel, from the classic Retro Furniture collection which features a rough sawn Mango Wood frame, to the sleek Retro Mango collection featuring a striking dark wood finish, through to the Vintage Furniture collection also made from Mango Wood and featuring intents and groves for an aged wood effect.

All of these designs have pieces for the living room, bedroom, dining room and study, including our Retro Mango Coffee Tables, Vintage Dining Table as a well as the ever popular Retro TV Unit, all providing a unique and charming touch that only Retro Furniture design can offer.

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