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Furniture to Retro up Your Home


Furniture to Retro up Your Home

So it seems like the world is finally coming under the realisation that new is not necessarily improved, and as such we seem to be having a trend in retail at the moment where consumers are seeking out retro or retro inspired items.

One of the areas where this has had the most effect is in furniture as consumers are constantly crawling websites and visiting showrooms looking for furniture that just has that certain something that is no longer about in furniture designs of today.

Of course we at Retro Furniture are all too happy to oblige by this resent trend and as such were are going to give you a rundown of the ranges that you are going to find here on our site.

  1. Retro

This furniture is our namesake range, this furniture is inspired by mid-1960’s furniture design – as you can tell from the unit’s stylised body as well as the legs that are inspired by the era as well. As I said this range is inspired by the era, this is because you will find that these units are manufactured in India, specifically being made from Indian Mango Wood for the retro range which means your Retro Coffee Table will have both retro style as well as modern day durability.

In addition to this we have the recycled retro range which comes with a unique design that consist of a mix of Indian Sheesham Wood as well as Indian Mango Wood.

  1. Vintage Retro

This range is once again inspired by timeless design, in this instance from 1950’s furniture design evident in the unit’s stylised legs. All items in this range from the TV units to the Vintage Sideboard are all made from Indian Mango Wood and are available in a choice of 2 finishes, light and dark.

  1. Retro Chic

Our final (at the moment) range is the Retro Chic range. This range takes inspiration from the 1960’s much like the Retro range however – this furniture represents the latter part of the decade approaching the start of the 70’s. Like the other 2 ranges this is also made from Indian Mango Wood and is available in the light and dark finish.

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