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Going Back to the Old School


Going Back To Old School

Going Back to the Old School.

A recent trend going on lately where we all seem to have a desire to go back in time and relive things the way they used to be – seriously whether it be music, movies, media and even though Retro Furniture, everyone seems to be wanting a piece of the retro action.

Even I myself am immune to this trend although in my defence I have been a part of the retro scene for years. In my case I am a collector of retro game consoles, and for me there is nothing better than getting some old arcade sticks out, placing them on my Retro Chic Coffee Table and playing for hours by myself or with friends.

The appeal is undeniable as it offers a more organic experience than modern gaming alternatives and always has the link to my childhood. This explains why a lot of retro collection has this link such as with music or other technology.

But how does this relate to furniture, after all as children we do not care about how a coffee table looks or what the sideboard is, so what is it that has created the recent trend in Retro Furniture.

Well I guess we can all appreciate how it looks, I mean just look at the Retro Sideboards this is a design that you just don’t see any more, what with an era that is more concerned with quantity over quality and therefore there is a lack of compelling items being produced today.

However when it comes to Retro Furniture and other Retro items there is often a price to pay for these pieces of history. However this is where our Retro Furniture comes in as this range is inspired by designs from the 50’s and 60’s furniture with the durability of Indian Mango Wood and modern durability.

So now is a better time than ever to bring back some old school flair to your home.

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