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Green for Today


Green For Today

Hello Retro Furniture blog readers and I know this is a bit late however this blog will be celebrating the return of one of the best bands in recent memory – Green Day.

Now for those of you who grew up in the 90’s with CD Walkman’s, Gameboys and CRT TV’s placed neatly on your Retro TV Unit you will surely remember a golden era of music where it seemed like every genre was reaching a plateau and in 1994 a new arrived on the scene.

With their first album Dookie which has found a home in many a Mango Wood Bookcase Green Day defined the new punk movement of the 90’s with their 3 cord riffs, melodic sound and unparalleled musical chemistry they offered an alternative in an era dominated by grunge and Britpop.

And now with the announcement of their new album revolution radio and accompanying tour Green Day have returned with their new single Bang Bang (no not the terrible Jessie j song), which demonstrates a sound that the band has not unleased arguably since their 2004 rock opera American Idiot.

It gives me hope while sat here laptop on lap grabbing a quick sip off my latte off of my rough sawn Retro Coffee Table that the band has rediscovered its sound and what made them international superstars in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong here their last 2 albums 21st century breakdown and ‘Unos-Dos-Tres’ were both ambitious projects that demonstrated the groups characteristic musical chemistry and talent however seemed to lack the energy and punch of their earlier works almost as though the band were trying to recapture their American Idiot success.

However with their new single promising a punchier sound similar to their earlier days with redound vigour in lead singer Billy Joel’s vocals combined with their musical chemistry all means that you better book your tickets and blast Dookie out of the Hifi on your Vintage Sideboard in celevbration of the return of a seminal punk act

Be Green for Today.


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