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Great Britain question mark

Afternoon readers, It’s time for today’s Retro daily blog, which is going to be a hot themed one at that. My reason behind saying that is how can the UK recently be having such warm weather? It’s simply just not normal.

Being a British citizen I suppose we have just come to accept the strange weather conditions we face like having rain, hail, snow and high forced winds all in one day. However, I don’t think I have ever seen the UK scorching another other day like today. So with such heat upon us already, how have you all been coping? Any good ideas on how you have been managing to keep cool?

One of my main cooling down tactics is sitting next to my Retro Sideboard and facing the fan on it. Sadly, this hasn’t worked as good as I thought it would do with hot air ending up being blown around the room. Therefore, plan B swung into motion which was ten times better than the first leading me to the ice cream parlour!

On a warm afternoon personally I don’t think there is anything that could beat having a cold chocolate fudge ice cream with chocolate sauce on. Do you do that too or just me? I’m guessing it’s just me that adds on the extras being a bit of a foodie.

Since I was little I’ve loved food (Who doesn’t?)  and always wanted to help my family cook dinner wanting to learn.  Of course, i’m not up to MasterChef potential yet, however I do make a mean chicken tikka masala which I like to add a twist in (secret ingredients).

Well, the blog seems to have taken a turn from weather to food. Therefore, before we come to an end I recommend that you sit at your Retro Dining Table and enjoy a nice fresh cool salad.

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