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Laser-disc – The Price of Prestige


Laserdisc – The Price of Prestige

Well Retro Furniture blog readers this week while looking through the World Wide Web in between my Mango Furniture blogs I found an old Laserdisc player for sale.

Now for you younger readers you probably thinking what on earth is that, well back in the late 80’s and early 90’s Laserdisc was the premium home media format. Think of it as a 1st gen DVD which if you were lucky enough to have a Laserdisc player in your Vintage Mango TV Unit you were treated to a home video experience that was light years ahead of its time completely out classic the VHS and Betamax formats.

However the incredible performance of Laserdisc did come at a price, a literal one as to be able to own one of these would set you back at least £300 which is about the same price as one of our high end Retro TV Units.

However in the 1980’s this would have been an insane amount of money compared with the cost of a VHS player, this combined with the cost of releases which could range from £40 to £100 pretty much set the Laserdisc as a premium product.

However sadly this lead to it being eclipsed by the more accessible and affordable formats and was eventually confined to the pages of history with the development of the DVD.

However the popularity of Laserdisc is still popular to this day with companies still manufacturing Laserdisc players that would fit snugly in your Retro TV Cabinet; however the costs are still enormous with some releases still selling online for over £200.

This is an interesting story of how prestige is not always a selling point of a product, a similar story to what happened with Blu-ray when it was first released. Yes it was a very advanced and superior media format technically however it ruinously expensive at the time, with consumers preferring to keep their Retro Bookcase full of DVD’s.

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