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Hello readers of the Retro Furniture Blog how are you all on this cold winters morning? It is crazy what the little things do in life isn’t it? Last night I tidied my bedroom and had an early night which led to me waking up a little bit earlier and making my bed when I woke up. I probably should be doing this every morning anyway but you feel so motivated once you do this as your task is already done a minute after you’ve woken up.

Anyway I woke up and got showered ready for the day ahead of me. I then got ready in front of my Retro Chic Mirror this gave me a boost of confidence as making yourself presentable every morning makes you feel 10 times more motivated and prepared for the day. I then had to make my own bacon sandwiches as both my mum and dad had already gone to work. Then that brings me to now, where I am sat at my Light Vintage Retro Chair writing this blog for you.

I have distracted myself in this blog with my morning’s routine but the topic of the blog is the little things that you can do. For example when I walked into work this morning, the cleaning lady smiled at me and said good morning. This has taken two seconds out of her day and it has made me smile and made my morning.

Being nice to somebody doesn’t harm you in any way and it could cheer someone up if they’re having a bad day. Whereas being negative towards people and things around you will have a terrible effect on both you and your surroundings.

I’m not saying that you have to be nice to everyone all the time but smiling at people and throwing the odd compliment wouldn’t go amiss. Well that has been today’s Retro Furniture Blog come back tomorrow for the next one.



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