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It’s one of the more distinct traits of the average UK home even if its unintentional we always seem to hark back to the past and dream of living in years and eras gone by, myself included I grew up in the 90’s and would love to go back and experience that era again for reasons I can never quite explain, it was just really cool.

Now for different people the slice of the past that they cling onto differs some cling the 40’s some love the 70’s and others adore the 60’s – in fact the 60’s is probably the greatest era in living memory and people try recapture that spirt in their everyday lives.

However let’s be honest here you can buy an old record player, plastic phones and other kitsch items from the period (drainpipe pants anyone) however your home is a different story its original wooden crafted Retro Furniture would be an eye wateringly expensive experience not the least difficult.

However this does not deter those who want to have their own unique image and vibe in their home, and the process has become mercifully easier thanks to companies now selling items specifically designed to bring back the feeling of different eras one popular option being 1960’s design such as a Retro Sideboard.

This means you can make your home look really unique filling it with everyday items that bring that retro feel such as a 1960’s Retro Coffee Table in the living room or sit down and watch a movie on a Retro TV Unit.

As I said earlier it’s an unusual trait however it is one that allows us to express our personality and helps define who we are and now it is becoming easier than ever before.



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