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Looks Are Deceiving


Looks Are Deceiving

Did anyone hear the news that the DeLorean is being put back into production, yes all you Retro Furniture blog readers this iconic vehicle is back.

However despite being the iconic car of Back to the Future the DeLorean has had something of a rough ride through history with a legacy of how looks can be deceiving.

You see despite the car looking amazing and being a part of such an iconic movie sealed forever in pop culture in reality it did have a few floors.

I guess the main flaw was its marketing where a prototype of the car was show before construction began with people clamouring to get a hold of this beautiful piece of design inspired by lotus complete with gullwing doors and a brushed stainless tell body – why would you not have high demand.

However soon the project costs escalated as despite having a body to show people the actual car suffered many development problems leading to a car that looked fast but that hit 60 in 8.8 secs but cost what would be the equivalent of £60,000 in today’s currency.

So to clarify sometimes looks can be deceiving in a positive sense, such as our Indian Wood Furniture which is inspired by Retro Furniture design with pieces emulating said designs without the age usually and cost usually associated with furniture like this.

This means you can buy a Retro TV Unit that looks like it was made in 1967 but was made but a few months ago with Indian Mango Wood however its look is deceiving but in a positive way.

This is the same with all our Retro inspired furniture such as our Retro Chic Coffee Tables and Vintage Dining Sets.

So remember that looks can always be deceiving even though these new DeLorean’s will surley fly off the shelves.

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