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Hello again everyone! I’m in a very jumpy mood today and I feel very motivated!

I want to redecorate my room and give it a stylized look with Retro Furniture, but I don’t want it to look outdated. I have a vision in my head of a contemporary room, shining with elegance and fashion; I know I’ll have the chicest room ever.

My current plan is to have my bed against the wall, leaving enough space for my Light Retro Mango Bookcase next to it. I stole this idea off my brother who has the Light Vintage Mango Bookcase, but shh don’t tell anyone. For my TV, I am still undecided. The Light Small Retro Mango TV Unit fits in perfectly with my bookcase, but the Light Vintage Mango TV Stand looks amazing as well!

Do you know how I feel, reader? Decorating is such hard work, I just can’t decide. I think it must run in the family as it took my mother a long time to decide she wanted the Vintage Retro Dining Set rather than the Vintage Retro Folding Table.

Yesterday I threw away all my old furniture, so there’s no turning back now! Luckily I am still motivated though. I have stripped the carpet and instead laid down a tiled floor, which I hope really encompasses the stylized view that I envisioned. With the help of my family, we painted the walls in a yellow shade, which can look like an orange or red in certain lights. It feels so incredibly “funky” right now and we haven’t even put the furniture in yet!

In the end, I chose the Retro Mango TV Stand, completely different from my first two options. I think it adds a real classiness to the room with its stylized legs and elongated width the overall look is quite charming.

For now, this concludes my blog. I’m really looking forward to how this turns out, aren’t you?

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