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My 310th Blog


My 310th Blog

Ladies and gentlemen today is a very special day here at Retro Furniture yes today is the day that I have reached my 310th blog – why you ask I am making such a big deal of this, well I forgot to do a milestone for blog number 300 so here we are.

Now for regular readers of my Indian Furniture blogs you will have come to understand 2 things about the blogs that I write. First is that we really take pride in our collection of Solid Indian Wood Furniture from old standards in our collection to newer ranges such as our Retro Furniture range. The second, well that I am a tiny bit mad – although I suppose that is a prerequisite for my job being the resident mad blogger.

In fact blogging really is one of the, no scratch that it is the best part of my job. You see blogging about furniture comes down to more than just saying ‘This Retro Coffee Table is amazing’, something which most blogs often do.

No rather I see blogs as a means of personal expression which I can discuss a number of different topics with my audience.

Sometimes the blogs may be personal accounts of my life such as my childhood growing up in the 90’s from the music to the culture and more. At times these blogs may discuss things that I personally am passionate about such as gaming, films, TV and motorsport. At other times it could be about world events or just trying to inform you about how we go about selling our Retro Furniture collection to you and all of the processes behind it from the manufacturing to it arriving in your home.

So this is why I’m writing this blog today, yes I could go on about how our Retro Sideboard is so amazing and would look great in your home blah blah blah – however I feel that celebrating the 310th blog should be more than that, this is why I’m sharing with you may passion for writing and why I do this day in and day out.

Now what will I write about the 400th blog.

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