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My Friend Fiona.


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Last night, I got a call from my friend Fiona, who I’ve known since we were around 4. I’m not going to lie and say we were best friends, but our friendship has certainly stuck that it’s as precious as anything.

Anyway, she revealed that she was moving to Madrid in Spain (so at least its better weather than here right?) I felt my heart drop down into my stomach, my intensities churning and ripping at the thought as my head spun round in circles as if little minions were trying drastically to process the information.

Like I mentioned, in no way were we the closest of friends, but she had stuck by me through everything and now she was going to a house that wasn’t just round the corner, a hopscotch or two away.

However I am happy for her, so I am taking this blog to remember some fond memories I have at her house. Her family were really into Retro Furniture, and loved the classic styles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It was like strolling through a museum compared to the modern wonder that was my house.

Her Vintage Retro Dining Set stood proudly in the middle of her dining room, its wooden flair polished to the highest degree so that I could see my face in its smooth reflection.

One time when I ran round for my tea, her mother planted a steaming hot dish of lasagne down on the table, an Italian perfection. There was just one problem…Onions! I hate onions with a passion, but being brought up with etiquette and manners, I forced myself to eat the slimy vegetable with slivers of minced meat. My eyes swelled with tears as I held back the swarming food that was wiggling its way around my taste buds before swallowing – I haven’t eaten lasagne since.

I slept round that night, curled up into a ball next to her Retro Chest of Drawers. Her disco ball night light shimmered across the celling, danced across the paint and floated to the floor with elegance that astounded my childlike self.

We were just kids then, but I remember it so vividly, and will always think of her as the Retro Furniture girl!

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