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Retro Living Room – One of a Kind


etro Living Room - One of a Kind

The living room is where we spend the most time in our homes, we watch the morning news here, and we check our appearance before we leave the home here and it is the place where we socialise with friends and family.

Therefore a room of such importance must be a showstopper and have a unique look and feel that separates it from others and sets the right tone. With this in mind why not go for a Retro Living Room theme.

Now we are not suggesting you go hunting for period radios and tvs and fridges as these would not only be extremely expensive for good working examples but the main problem is they would not work. No what we are suggesting is that you compliment your modern everyday features with retro inspired pieces.

For example if you have a 32” LCD TV why not stand it on a retro TV cabinet to have that new and old aesthetic which will surely grab the attention of visitors and will definitely add that unique touch to the living room.

It does not have to be limited to this however as there are many items that have a retro flair to them which could easily be added to your design. How about making a retro coffee table your centrepiece which will give both a practical and stylish use to the home.

With pieces like these your living room will certainly be brightened up and will show off your creative flair to onlookers making it the real center of the home, although you could add retro inspired items to other rooms in the home like the dining room and bedroom with items like a retro display unit to make your house truly one of a kind and unmatched in terms of creativity.

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