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Some Generations Get All The Fun


Some Generations Get All The Fun

Let’s not this consider a blog a sign of bitter jealously but more of admiration of what to me is the second best decade ever after the 90’s, yes the 1960’s. Now I’ll be honest with you the only reason that I placed it at number 2 is that I was not alive at the time however if you ask most people they are more likely to quote the 60’s are the most iconic decade of all.

Of course there are many reasons for this, some lived through the decade itself and to them I say ‘I am so jealous’, some see the political landscape and the changes that happened to attitudes and civil rights, for others it’s the technological improvements of the time and the landmarks this created such as the moon landing, for others it’s the fashion and style of the time from the clothes people wear to furniture, with items such as the Retro TV Unit going for quite a high price due to their popularity and low exclusivity.

However for some people, myself included the 60’s are all about one thing … the music. When we look back is there any decade that had such a rich catalogue of classics, I mean I could very easily fill an entire Vintage Retro Bookcase with old vinyl from that era. Let’s start with the obvious one here, The Beatles were a phenomenon of the era and not only defined a music generation but also generations to come – I may not have been able to sit in front of my Solid Wood TV Unit and watch Oasis without the Beatles before them. Of course there were also true innovators during this time – the incomparable Jimi Hendrix for one who revolutionised the art of guitar playing in such a short time.

I could go on with artists who I could blast out of my vinyl record player I have on the Vintage Side Table at home such as Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding, The Doors, The Kinks and many more that I can’t even count, however it’s time to cut time on this blog – hope you enjoyed this Retro themed article.

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