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Stop Crying Your Heart Out


Stop Crying Your Heart Out

You know life can occasionally punch you in the gut – no matter what social class, county, ethnic minority and every other politically correct term of saying those who fill out our society.

I know that sometimes it is unavoidable and inevitable that there are days where you are ripping your hair out, saddened and just feel like crying to let it all escape.

However this aim of this blog is to help you lift yourself out of your rut, to wipe those tears away and look at the morning sun that is around the corner. Now we are all different that much I think we can all understand what may help me feel better about myself would be different to how you would do so.

Some people would go out for a walk allowing the air flowing through their lungs to act as a vent to cleanse their mind – others may like to read a good book from their Retro Bookshelf allowing them to escape into their fantasy, me I used to use video games as a way of putting things in perspective – the amount of times I started a game in from of my old Vintage TV Unit in a bad mood and came off in a really happy and upbeat mood.

What I’m trying to say is that in our society it is structured to be a total pain, bills, work, responsibilities – sometimes this can get so overwhelming that we can no longer cope. However in these moments what is better than going to your Retro Hi-Fi Cabinet, putting on your favourite record, closing your eyes and remembering what it is that makes you get out of bed every morning, that makes you go to work, that makes you push on.

So pick yourself up and stop crying your heart out – we got on moment so let’s not let the bad overwhelm all of the good times we have in store.

p.s bonus points for guessing the reference that inspired this blog

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