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The Path Most Chosen


The Path Most Chosen

Good morning Retro Furniture readers, I hope that many of you are enjoying a cup of coffee in front of the Retro TV Unit, with your laptop placed on top of the Vintage Coffee Table you may have found from us.

Yet for this week’s blog I felt like telling a tale which I think we can all relate to, we have all been in situations be it out and about or with our friends around the Retro Dining Table there is always that one person within the group who likes a challenge or doesn’t like convention, heck they could just be plain awkward.

You know the one who can’t play the game unless its set to ultra-difficulty, the one who has to mess with the TV because they don’t believe in the conventional setup, to even those who wish to lift the Retro Mango Sideboard up 3 flights of stairs because it will look better in the living room.

However for these type of people I digress, as life does not have to be hard it does not need to be a constant challenge, easy does not mean inferior, it just means you get more chance to put your feet up beside the Vintage Mango Coffee Table.

In fact I have a story which sums up this more than anything.

Two people on a road trip approach a cross road, each of these roads leads down a separate path but will both lead the travellers home however one road is a smooth safe path with sunshine and lots of generally pleasant things.

The other road is runs over a lava pit with spikes and other horrifying pitfalls, with the road itself featuring a 50ft vertical drop with spikes and maybe raptors waiting at the bottom.

They each go down their own separate paths, one looking to get home the easy way, and the other deciding that easy was not the way to be.

So the question is which of these two travellars was able to get home and sit among their collection of Retro Furniture, with their favourite show on the Retro TV Stand and a warm drink on the Retro Coffee Table.

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