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The Perfect Christmas Dinner


Family Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner, that meticulously prepared meal that is usually the highlight of Christmas day (although getting very drunk is also fun), however with such care and detail put into such a moment the question that must be asked – what makes the perfect Christmas Dinner.

Well this can be split into 2 different avenues, the first in the meal itself, the centrepiece of the meal will always be the turkey (no disrespect to you nut roast lovers out there) as it is the symbol of the family Christmas dinner, there are the trimmings, the basic setup would be some roast potatoes, vegetables from carrots, peas to the ever repugnant sprouts which parents only give their kids because they were forced to eat them when they were younger, the stuffing and to finish off a side of cranberry or apple sauce.

And let’s not forget the follow up – pudding which is either a gateaux, the traditional Christmas pudding, trifle or whatever else may have up your sleeve

Now that deals with the actual eating part however are you really going to each such a lavish offering on a TV table, or on your lap – no way.

And this leads to the second element of the perfect Christmas dinner is where you eat it. And for this the first stop is the dining room. Now the idea of the preeminent dining room is different for everyone but I will just fire off an example here. For one you will need a spacious Vintage Retro Dining Set where all of the family can sit in comfort and style enjoying the well prepared meal. Second you will have to endure that you have a Retro Cabinet around where you can keep the wine and other drinks which would be perfect for the occasion. Finally a Retro sideboard would be handy for keeping your cutlery in and spare knives and forks if someone drops it on the floor or if you keep special cutlery hidden away for such occasions.

So that’s my idea of the perfect Christmas dinner what is yours …. Answers on a postcard please.

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