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The Price of Driving!


Learner Driver

Good morning readers of the Retro Furniture blog, how is this weather treating you? I don’t understand how everyone prefers winter over summer. This weather is depressing going to work and coming back from it when it is pitch black is really upsetting. As well you are always either too hot or too cold, or is that just me?

Anyway the weather isn’t the topic of today’s blog but in fact it is about driving and how much it costs for young people. As I am nearly turning 17 I am going to start learning to drive soon but it means that I am going to save a lot of money for me to start. I think it is around £25 a lesson and you’ll need a few of them before you even attempt the test because that will cost you even more. As well as another test that you have to pay for. And that is just to get your license. Then you have to get the actual car and the insurance which is the most expensive. You can get an old second hand car for fairly cheap but then you have to pay a couple thousand a year on the insurance which we young people really struggle to afford. But if I save my money I’ll be able to afford it so I am just going to have to be smart with my money until then.

This may be me just being ignorant, but I see many people around me taking many tests and failing them and I can’t understand why. There is plenty of books you can read and then put in the Retro Mango Bookcase and once you understand the general concept of driving and how to do certain manoeuvres you are only going to get better with practice and just don’t take the test until you are really confident you are going to pass.

Anyway that has been my little rant about driving and the price but come back soon for the next blog.

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