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The Real Joy of Christmas


The Real Joy of Christmas

Now Christmas for different people means different things, for some it is a very religious day (obvious I know), some it’s about getting gifts you have wanted all year, for some it’s about Santa (I’m referring to the very young here), and for others it is about seeing their relatives and having a really fun day giving joy to those they care about.

Now I don’t know whether it is just me growing up or what but it seems like lately the best part of Christmas is the buying the presents and the fun that can come from it – sure spending the day playing my new PlayStation games on the Retro TV Cabinet is all well and good, but the last few years the highlight (actually the Christmas dinner is the highlight) is when my mum and dad take their present from the Retro Coffee Table and I try to keep a straight face as they open it.

I find this a really fun experience as I turn it into sort of a game really, I just don’t wrap a present up – that would be too easy, no what I tend to do is wrap them as to not give away what they are getting, for example I once bought my sister An album, realising that it would be obvious just to wrap it I decided to get an old DVD case and put it in that.

And this sort of thing is what I consider the most fun aspect of Christmas especially with my nephews as I get a phone call from them on phone we keep on the Retro Sideboard as they go through what they got and thank me for my present – I have a bit of a reputation for being the present king in my family, a title I hold very proudly, the giving is the real joy of Christmas.

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