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Those Were The Days


Those were the Days

We all have that special era in our life – that time when you think back and for whatever reason you think back and it seems like the time of your life. Perhaps it is rose tinted spectacles or maybe its happy childhood memories nut for whatever reason we cling to these times and in some ways still live by what was popular then.

For example I hark back to the days of the 90’s where there were 5 channels (often 3 if the arial was playing up), you had a CD player and a Retro Bookcase filled with Video Tapes (a particular pride was given my star wars video boxset). Now are these feelings based upon my childhood memories where everything was given a sense of wonder and magic? Or was it really better back in the old days, I mean if I turn on the TV on the Retro TV Unit and go onto the music channels and well its terrible … I’m sorry it just is.

However the technological conveniences that we have today make our everyday lives more convenient, I mean I remember doing my homework by hand – getting my pen and paper out of the Retro Chest Of Drawers, compared to today when the computer has made such tasks much easier.

However as I said earlier some people still stick to the old ways that they grew up with – some still play vinyl records for instance because not only are they more comfortable, however they keep the memories of their childhood and teen years fresh in our memories.

Some go even further and decide that they would like to feel as though they are actually living  in the past whether it be though buying a vintage car or perhaps deciding the furnish your home in furniture from the past be it original examples or recreations such as the Vintage Retro Dining Table.

Whatever you chose just remember that those were the days.

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