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Time For a Retink


Time for a Rethink

Conformity, its firmly in our lives, it’s there in our nursery years, High School or even what you watch and eat, we are very un-confrontational.

We can even be very undramatic and conforming in our furniture tastes – we will often just go with what fits, what blends in seamlessly. But why do we do this, are we afraid of backlash from our friends and family for being different and out there however why avoid this principle, I say we should embrace our creative tastes and therefore I say it’s time for a rethink with Retro Furniture.

Retro Furniture takes the simple concept of furniture and adds some flair and stand out from the crowd with such magnificent items such as the Retro Display Cabinet given a retro twist that when stood beside its counterparts it really steals the show.

You can almost look at furniture like the way we can look at cars. Cars today are all about financial security, fuel economy etc. However when someone passes you in an older car or one that is a reinvention of an old design, that feeling of almost shock ‘what is that person driving’ and in theory it’s a perfect metaphor for what you would feel with a Retro TV Cabinet.

Yes that feeling that you have something truly unique and that no one can equal which for some is a fantastic sensation as that knowledge that no one can replicate your Retro Coffee Table in terms of exclusivity or creativity and they will only be imitators and not innovators, and now with companies actually making replicas or recreations of designs from the past which is great as getting retro design is usually a very expensive task and you will have a heart attack every time your 2 year old goes within 10 miles of it thinking of the cost to replace it.

So therefore it’s time for a rethink, stop conforming and go for a unique and timeless look or retro.

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