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Travel Time!


Vehicles on the motorway stuck in traffic.

Good morning readers, Thursday is upon us already! How fast has this week been going for you? For some reason this week seems to have just flown by so quickly without me even noticing it.

Well, the bank holiday is almost here which means one thing everywhere is going to be busy and I can almost say for certain if the weather is nice which it has been lately then local tourist areas like Whitby, Hornsea, Fiiley, Bridlington and Scarborough are going to be packed. Therefore, before you set off on your journey I will advise you to go to your Retro Table and check your PC to see if there is a lot of traffic on the route.

Nothing is worse than setting off and bumping into a load of traffic to then be stuck for hours all because everyone decided to take the same route. That’s why I would not only advise you to set off earlier in case traffic is found but also to use Google maps for dodging any last minute delays if possible.

So when stuck in the dreaded delays what do you find yourself doing? The most common thing you will find everyone doing in my car is eye spy. Now who remembers that brilliant game? Or the classic waving to everyone who drove past you!

With more and more people passing their tests’ the roads are getting worse meaning eventually no matter where you are going you will be bound to bump into some traffic. Which then leads you to another alternative if you a travelling a large distance why not take a plane?

Anyway, that’s today’s blog coming to an end. I hope you all have a great Thursday and I will see you all here tomorrow at Retro Furniture for the next daily blog.

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