Vintage Retro Folding Table (VIN11D)

Vintage Retro Chair

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The Vintage Retro Folding Table would be a great addition to the home. The unit comes with the classic surface top, however the unit’s real unique selling point is its folding legs that allow it to be stored away when it is not in use. This makes its uses around the home very valuable as it can be used as an alternate dining table be it in the dining room or in the living room for the TV dinner, it is also great for when you’re having guest over for that extra surface space or for the kids to do their homework and other activities on.

The Vintage Retro Folding Table is made from the highest quality Indian Mango Wood which is given a dark finish to bring out the woods rich and bold tone. The units iron legs are a real stylistic feature as they are inspired by 1950’s furniture design.

The Vintage Retro Folding Table is also available in a light finish.

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  • Dimensions: W140 x D80 x H76cm

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