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Vintage vs Demand – the price of collecting


Vintage vs Demand - The Price of Collecting

So we are guessing that some of the people reading todays Retro Furniture blog are collectors of some sort. Be it action figures, cookware, technology, books or anything else you can think off, if it out there you can bet someone will have it and or want it.

This in a way leads us to today’s blog. Assuming some of you are collectors and hobbyists its more than likely you have your prized collections on display in a Retro Mango Bookcase or being preserved within a Retro Sideboard.

However a lot of you are fully aware that there is a significant cost that comes with this labour of love, I should know with my own vintage gaming collection.

Yet what is it that drives prices up so high that for many gaining hold of a prized collectable can be something of a lifelong dream.

It’s simple really it’s a case of Vintage vs Demand.

If I were to head over to my Retro Bookcase right now and pick out 2 retro games for the same console and from around the same time period and ask you to guess the price, you would find one cost me significantly more than the other.

Why because of demand. Yes both are vintage however because one of the games is less in demand its inflation rate has been less than the one that is considered a classic and something of a rarity.

This is the same for any collector for instance a collector of sports memorabilia; a banner or jersey from a perennial losing team may cost you significantly less than a championship winning team.

This is why some collectors chose to start off slower, finding hidden gems and building a significant collection within their Retro Cabinets in order to justify the final large investment.

The big bug bearer of course is if you are collecting something that is both vintage and in high demand, try getting a hold of the first issue of Spiderman for less than £10,000 due to such a combination.

Some collectors of course are quite happy with reproductions and or re-releases however. Yes it may not be the original example however much like our collection of Retro Furniture the time may not be important as is the look and the feeling that it gives you.

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