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Afternoon readers, how are we all doing today? I thought in this blog we could discuss on what makes a well performing website. The answer to that question can vary greatly from depending on what you provide to your website business plan.

For example, are you interested in bringing the Facebook community to your site, bringing in all social media users, a targeted aged ranged audience or is the site useable for everyone? All these types of factors are what needed to be taken into consideration trying to reach your correct audience.

However, despite those all important factors, catering for people with a disability is paramount. If a consumer is visually impaired and is unable to view your images and banners etc. How are you going to cater so that they don’t miss out all of that important data? Thanks to the use of ALT tags you can now add a hidden description which can be requested upon, with it describing what exactly it is they are unable to visually see.

Also keeping a consistent page layout is crucial for anyone operating the website, as you don’t want the page to change constantly when a new page opens up. This is not only leads to confusion but also to the user getting bored and closing it down.

As you can see, creating and obtaining a website can be fairly tricky especially when it comes to ensuring every user can use the site to its full potential. Hopefully, I’ve taught you all something new today, see you again here tomorrow at Retro Furniture for the next daily blog.


P.S The weather this week is finally due to get a bit better! You know what this means? No more rain, just sun. Enjoy the rest of your Monday

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